2019 THOD

By THOD The Heart of Darkness (other events)

15 Dates Through Nov 01, 2019

The Heart of Darkness features 13 separately themed areas in our complex!  Darkhold Castle, Creeper's Bus, Zombie CDC, House of Evil Dead, Claustrophobia Black Out Maze, Jack-0-Lantern Lane, Scream in the Dark, 3D Killer Circus, Goblins Lair, Salem's Coven, Haunting of Hell House, Crypt Keepers Vault, and Grizzly's Chainsaw Massacre!

Our amazing Monster Midway includes open linage, concessions, food, photo ops, video and movie showings, as well as a live DJ on Friday and Saturday nights!  You won't even realize you're waiting to enter The Heart of Darkness!

What is a Black Out Date?

There will be NO lights on, No one to guide you, and a single flashlight will be your only help. You may be in physical contact with the Shadow Walkers. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO MAKE PHYSICAL CONTACT BACK! If you become too scared, than ask a Shadow Walker to escort you out.

Is it Scary?

We think so and The Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier’s Chameleon edition agreed, listing us as the SCARIEST HAUNT IN THE CEDAR VALLEY.  Since our beginning, The Heart of Darkness has been designed to be a roller coaster of sheer terror from the moment you step into the Slaughter Cabin, till you run screaming out of Scream in the Dark. We combine classic scares and modern monsters. Come visit all the attractions at The Heart of Darkness and you be the judge!

How long does it take to go through?

The longest Haunted Tour in the Cedar Valley! The average walk through The Heart of Darkness is 30 minutes. Most haunted attractions have 10 minute tours or less.  This doesn't include the time you spent with our live DJ: Black Tie Entertainment, or at the Missing Hole Minney donut vendor, or at the "Skinned Meat" Free Photo Booth, and let's not forget the Famous Creatures of the Dark: Chopper, PapaVoodoo, Johnny The Crow, and Crispy will be hanging with you while you wait in the new open linage.  The Heart of Darkness offers the best in haunted entertainment from the moment you walk thru our gates until the moment you run out screaming for your life!

Mailing Address

319 baltimore st Waterloo, IA 50701